Maintenance Work Order Database Software

Product Description

A networking or standalone work order or job order management. Suitable for most of the factory to handle their equipment servicing systematically. This software is being design in a very simple way to let the ground level worker easily creating, scheduling and planning the work order.

The management level worker can monitor various type of reporting such as man-hours utilization or Parts/Tools usage in a selective time range.

Sales Agent Incentive

We will pay a 20% incentive for every product purchased under your recommendation. If you are interested to market this software just download the trial version and you can burn it inside CD. For every registration code purchased under your recommendation will be consider as your sales.

As our sales agent of course you need to to know how this program work. Install this program at your PC, go through the operating manual, play around with the Demo version then you will understand how it works.

System Requirements

Windows Me/2000/XP/2003 Server, Microsoft Access 2000 and above.

(Note: For Microsoft Access 2002 and below still can use but some features may not working).

Screen Resolutions

1024 x 768 Pixels